“The Finellis” Awards and Nominations Update

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This is an up-to-date list of the Awards for "The Finellis" up until now. There are many more to come. We couldn't be happier or more grateful to all these Festivals for recognizing the contribution of a lot of talented artists and technicians that made our SitCom possible! Thank you to our wonderful Cast,

Our 52nd Nomination and 18th Award at the GUFF in Berlin

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Marjan Content Productions is very honored and happy to announce the 52nd nomination and the 18th International Television Award for our flagship production, "The Finellis: A New SitCom" "The Finellis" recently won the "Best TV Series" Prize at the German United Film Festival (GUFF) in Berlin. "The Finellis" story is set in Berlin, and most

Look what just arrived from Las Vegas

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Look what arrived in the mail today! Wow! Schau was heute in der Post angekommen ist! Beeindruckend! Hãy xem những gì đã đến trong thư hôm nay! Chà! 看看今天收到的郵件是什麼! 哇! 오늘 우편물에 뭐가 도착했는지보세요! 와! Thank you, Vegas Movie Awards for the gorgeous (and very heavy) "Best Web/TV Series" statue for The Finellis: A New

The Finellis win its 17th Int’l TV Award in North Carolina

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we won again!! This is our 17th International Television Prize. We would like to thank the 2020 Peak City International Film Festival, its organizers and its jury for honoring The Finellis: A New SitCom with the top prize (The Golden Gaddy Award) in the category of "Best Foreign (Non-U.S.) Television Pilot." Despite

Our 16th Award in Rome!!!

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The Finellis: A New SitCom is honored to announce our 16th International Television Award, "Best TV Series" as well as our 46th and 47th Nominations at Roma Film Awards. The Roma Film Awards highlight a selection of the best films in Italy, Europe, and the rest of the world. "The Finellis" will be screened as part of

Extensive Interview in Germany’s BILD Newspaper

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Mark Janicello the Series Creator and Author of "The Finellis," who also plays Tony Finelli -- gave an extensive interview to Bernd Peters from Germany's BILD Zeitung. BILD is the number one newspaper in German-speaking Europe.  The interview is about the "Real Story Behind 'The Finellis'". (English Translation  and German Transcription are below.)     EX-SCIENTOLOGIST

Our 14th and 15th Awards in Calcutta and Amsterdam

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The Finellis: A New SitCom has won its 14th International Award -- "Best TV Pilot or Series" at the Cult Critic Movie Awards in Calcutta, India. Additionally, we are also honored that "The Finellis" has been Nominated for the prestigious Jean-Luc Godard Awards ® at the CCMA Festival. The final result will be published in September 2020.  We cannot thank

Our lastest poster

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We are thankful to all the Festivals and Juries that have honored "The Finellis" with awards at Film- and Television Festivals worldwide. The result of all these awards, is that we must constantly update our advertising materials. Here's our latest poster reflecting our most recent Festival Wins.

When it rains… it pours!

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When it rains, it pours... and right now, it is pouring international TV Comedy Awards for "The Finellis." There was a big photoshoot today in the Marjan Content Production Office for some upcoming press articles. Here, posing with all of the Awards (up until now) for our Flagship Production, "The Finellis: A New SitCom" are

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