"The Finellis"

The Award-Winning New Comedy

"It's "Mrs. Doubtfire" meets "Goodfellas" meets "Glee."

To save his family from the mob, Tony Finelli, the famous American singer, spent 15 years in a Moabit Prison in Berlin for a crime he didn`t commit. Upon his release, Tony finds that he has lost not only his wife, children, and home, but also his name, reputation, career – and all his money.

Like a clumsy Phoenix trying to rise from the ashes, the eternal optimist sets out on a very bumpy journey to reclaim his life, and win back the love and respect of his family.

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Our Wall of Awards!

April 3rd, 2021|

Wow!! Who could have imagined?? We are very thankful to all the international festivals and


In the 1990s, Tony Finelli, an Italian-American from New York (Mark Janicello) was a star in Europe. Tony found fame starring in “ELVIS: The Musical” and together with his ever-present manager, Jürgen Drahtseil, turned that initial success into an international singing career. In 1997, Jürgen was approached by an “Italian Concert Promoter” regarding a big concert for Tony in Sicily.

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